Single Tooth Implant Cost in India

When a patient loses or misses only one tooth, the dentist will perform single tooth implant procedure. Because of considerable advances over previous alternative choices, implants are now recognized as the major treatment option for replacing lost teeth.


Single Tooth Dental Implants

With a Dental Implant, you may have a gorgeous smile and enhance your oral function right away. A single tooth implant can be used to replace a missing tooth right away. Our precise 3D implant planning and dentistry ensure that you have an implant and a tooth for life. Our single tooth/teeth implants cost in india treatment cutting-edge technology and painless procedures ensure that you enjoy an unforgettable dental experience.


What is Single tooth Implants?

The Next Generation Treatment & System Unique To Single tooth Dental Implants

Dental implant implantation is a surgical treatment performed on persons who have  lost single tooth/teeth. It entails inserting a screw-like hardware into your jaw bones where a tooth is missing. In order for the treatment to take place, you must have enough bone in your jaws, as well as healthy adjacent teeth and strong gums to retain the implant.

Single Tooth Implant Price in India

A single tooth implant cost in india between INR 18,000 to INR 45,000 on average. This is for a surgical procedure to replace one or more teeth without removing them.

* This pricing is subject to vary based on the following factors: Is it necessary to get a bone transplant or a sinus lift? A bone graft or sinus lift surgery may be required to enhance the outcome of dental implant surgery, which raises the cost. While the necessity for this treatment has decreased, it has not been completely eradicated and remains a possibility.


Single Tooth Implants
  • When X-rays and radiography demonstrate that you have sufficient bone quality and quantity, the implant will be inserted and loaded in a single consultation. The dentist would use local anaesthetic to numb the affected area of your mouth. If the natural root is still present, we will remove it before placing the implant.
  • A manual or computational instrument can be used by your doctor to assess the main stability of the implant. When the abutment is stable enough, we link it to the fixing.
  • The crown is then screwed or cemented on top of the abutment. You can leave the dentist clinic with your new single tooth implant in place after we correct the bite of your upper and lower jaws.

Why choose Doctor Prem for single tooth implant ?

Why Single Tooth Implants?

Advantages And Benefits Of Single Tooth Dental Implants:

Single tooth Implants Cost in India 

Single tooth Treatment Surgery Under Sedation, (Cost Involves – One teeth Implants, With Fixed Hybrid Prostheses Denture)

Completed in ONE DAY*


Nobel Biocare Implants Fixed Hybrid Prostheses Denture Total Stage 1 **
INR 2,40,000 INR 60,000 INR 3,00,000
USD 2,878 USD 720 USD 3,598
AUD 4,569 AUD 1,142 AUD 5,771
ZAR 54,236 ZAR 13,559 ZAR 67,795
MYR 13,779 MYR 3,445 MYR 17,224



Ceramic Bridge Ceramic Bridge With Titanium Bar
INR 1,40,000 INR 1,80,000
USD 1,679 USD 2,158
AUD 2,665 AUD 3,427
ZAR 31,638 ZAR 40,677
MYR 8,038 MYR 10,334

You Can Choose One Of The Above Options After Consulting With Our Doctor.

+ The Conversion Rate From Inr To Your Home Currency Is Based On The Present Currency Value. It’s Subject To Change (Higher/lower) Depending On The Forex Rates At The Time Of Payment

*Terms and Conditions Apply

For Applicable Candidates Only

Price indicated for Single tooth Implants is PER JAW only

** The above mentioned Estimate is inclusive of :
1. Initial consultation.
2. Specialist consultation.
3. Pre-operative investigations such as-
– Study models
– Clinical photographs
4. Anesthetic evaluation.
5. Prosthetic phase – Bridge fabrication phase – this may include face-bow transfer
6. Oral prophylaxis.

Single Tooth Implants FAQs

When a tooth is gone, the underlying bone that supports it is also removed. Placing an implant would reduce underlying bone resorption and enhance dental function. It’d also keep the arch from collapsing.

If you have lost a tooth due to an accident, decay, or periodontal disease, you are the ideal candidate for a single implant.

Properly maintained Dental implants that may be placed in just six visits can last a lifetime. However, the warranties for various implant systems vary. The lifetime warranties offered by STRAUMANN & NOBEL and other brands range from 10 to 15 years. At Cosmodent India, we offer our patients Original Barcoded dental implants together with a guarantee letter.

We exclusively utilize FDA-approved dental implants that are globally verifiable, and we offer lifetime guarantees on all of our dental treatments.


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