Our Solution

Dr. Prem Alex Lawrence with his team of experts provide dental solutions that are committed in enhancing and restoring the natural beauty of your smile utilizing cutting-edge, minimally invasive techniques that provide stunning, resilient smiles.

Our Team in Chennai and Hyderabad, aim to provide the world’s best dental care and treatment for patients across India and overseas. We are dedicated to successful patient outcomes and creating confident smiles by providing patients with chronic dental problems cutting edge permanent solutions. Our expert dental professionals provide personalised individually tailored treatments in implantology, general dentistry, and cosmetology and have more than 50+ years of combined experience in transforming patient smiles.

Our specialised implant treatments include All-On-4 and All-on-6 dental implants, various dental fillings, sinus lifts, Invisalign treatments, periodontal care, and all types of cosmetic dental procedures. Our goal is to provide our patients with the highest standards of quality at affordable cost with a long term purview.


The Impact we create

As a dental implantologist with extensive experience in placing over 6400 implants and performing over 846 full mouth rehabilitations, we have likely made a significant impact on our patients’ oral health, quality of life, and self-confidence. Here are some of the positive impacts our work may have on your life:

Dental implants play a crucial role in restoring oral function for patients who have lost teeth. By replacing missing teeth with implants, we enable our patients to eat, speak, and chew comfortably, which can greatly enhance their overall quality of life.

Missing teeth can lead to aesthetic concerns and impact a person’s self-esteem. Our expertise in dental implantology allows us to provide patients with natural-looking and functioning teeth replacements, improving their appearance and boosting their self-confidence.

Dental implants help preserve the jawbone by stimulating it, similar to natural tooth roots. This prevents the bone from deteriorating over time, which is common when teeth are lost and not replaced.

Unlike removable dentures, dental implants are fixed in the jawbone. This eliminates the discomfort and inconvenience associated with ill-fitting dentures.

Dental implants are known for their durability and longevity. By providing patients with a long-term tooth replacement option, we are helping them avoid the need for frequent replacements or adjustments that may be necessary with other treatments.

Missing teeth can affect speech patterns, causing difficulties in pronunciation and communication. Dental implants can help patients speak more clearly and confidently.

Dental implants do not rely on neighboring teeth for support, unlike traditional dental bridges. This means adjacent healthy teeth are not altered or compromised in the process of replacing a missing tooth.

Our extensive experience allows us to tailor treatment plans to each patient’s unique needs. This personalized approach ensures that patients receive the best possible outcomes based on their specific oral health circumstances.

Dental implants provide strong biting and chewing capabilities, allowing patients to enjoy a wider variety of foods that might have been difficult to consume with missing teeth or removable dentures.

Oral health is closely linked to overall health. By addressing oral issues and restoring proper oral function, we contribute to our patients’ overall well-being and health.

Our remarkable experience and expertise in placing implants and performing full mouth implant cases demonstrate our commitment to delivering high-quality care and transformative results for our patients. Our work likely brings relief, comfort, and positive changes to countless lives, enabling them to enjoy improved oral health and a higher quality of life.


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