Guided Implant Surgeries

Three-dimensional (3D) imaging, computerized tomography (CT) scans, CAD and CAM computer imaging, and digital x-rays are among the technologies frequently used in computer-guided dental implant surgery.

Guided Surgery Implant

Our dentist and his or her assistant create a customized surgery treatment plan specifically for that patient after taking a CT scan of the patient. The implant is then put in place by the dentist using cutting-edge computer technology. The dentist will then create models of the crowns to be inserted using 3D imaging technology and CAD digital design software. Based on the models, CAM software can be used to digitally design the restorations. The new crowns are then attached to the implants by the dentist.


How does the procedure work?

  • The amount of time the patient spends in the clinic & the number of visits to the clinic can also be reduced during guided implant surgery. The procedure is reputed to be accurate and secure. Smaller incisions that typically cause less bleeding and discomfort can be made by dentists. In addition, there won’t be much of a bone graft, which involves transplanting bone tissue.
  • Patients who undergo guided surgery will experience new dental implants as the final product, which will result in replacement teeth that look and feel healthy and natural. This makes it a very alluring alternative for people who are experiencing tooth loss as a result of dental decay or damage.
  • Guided surgery results in tooth replacements that resemble natural teeth almost perfectly. The patient is now able to behave normally in terms of eating, drinking, and speaking. The absence of teeth causes the jawbone to deteriorate, so the implants will also stop that from happening. Dental implants will aid in maintaining the stability of the neighboring teeth if you have not lost all of your teeth. The major benefit of dental implants is the prevention of gum disease.


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