Full Mouth Implants Cost in India

Full mouth dental implants are one of the most essential and popular dental implant surgeries in India. You’re missing natural teeth, right? Don’t worry.


Full Mouth Dental Implants

Your options for full mouth dental implants in India, Doctorprem are determined by your preferences, goals, and budget. We can support your teeth with four dental implants if you wish to secure a loose denture and improve your eating function. We provide a fixed zirconia bridge attached to four or more dental implants if you want a permanent, non-removable set of teeth that delivers long-term function and aesthetics. Consider all of your alternatives before scheduling a consultation to learn more and obtain a CT scan and customized treatment plan with our suggestions.


What is Full Mouth Dental Implants?

The Next Generation Treatment & System Unique To Full Mouth Dental Implants

All-on-8 or Full Mouth Dental Implants can help restore the arch in the most natural way possible. These implants provide total anchoring and support for the prosthesis while maintaining a natural look. These numerous implants allow us to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing results while rapidly restoring aesthetics and oral function. This procedure entails replacing all of the teeth in a jaw with six or eight implants, depending on the quality and amount of accessible bone.

What are full mouth dental Implants?

Many patients come in with missing teeth or with overall weak teeth that are bothering them in chewing meals and in their aesthetics. Our doctor offers a whole mouth dental implant followed by artificial teeth to enable patients enjoy their meals and live a healthy life.

The initial step in the treatment is normally to generate and peel back two gum flaps to reveal the underlying jawbone with a knife. (In certain circumstances, rather than elevating tissue flaps, a tiny circular incision may be used to provide access to the jawbone.) The implant will then be implanted when a hole is bored into the jawbone to make room for it. This procedure will be repeated for each implant. It may be feasible to wear temporary teeth over the implant locations. If not, a temporary healing cap will be screwed into the top of each implant to isolate the inside of the implant from the surrounding oral environment. The two gum tissue flaps will then be cut, contoured, and reinstalled over the jawbone and over the healing cap of the implant. Sutures will be used to keep the gum tissue in place, and they will be removed after seven to ten days.

The full mouth dental Implants and bone will fuse together over the next two to six months to build anchors for your new teeth. The implants will subsequently be exposed, the temporary healing caps (or temporary teeth) removed, and the abutments attached. Following this surgery, your gums will be allowed to recover for a few weeks.

Finally, complete bridges or full mouth dental Implants will be affixed to the abutments to mimic your natural teeth. After a short period of time, you will have returned confidence in your smile as well as the ability to eat and talk regularly.


Full Mouth Implants
  • If you begin to lose your natural teeth and do not replace them, you risk losing the underlying bone as well. In the absence of tooth structure, bone tends to resorb as it loses function.
  • Certain systemic conditions, such as diabetes, can promote bone resorption. A denture would not receive appropriate support from the underlying bone in such circumstances.
  • The All on 8 full mouth implant system allows you to support and utilize all 28 teeth.
  • The anatomical site for full mouth implant placement is established utilizing modern scanning techniques based on the quantity of bone.
  • You may need 8 fullmouth implants per arch depending on the quantity of bone present.
  • The procedure is subsequently carried out in your oral structure via implant surgery. The full-mouth dental implants are kept in place and allowed to osseointegrate. After the wound has healed, digital imprints are obtained to build the whole prosthesis.
Who needs an full mouth implant?
Why Full Mouth Dental Implants?
Benefits of fullmouth implants

Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost in India

Full mouth Treatment Surgery Under Sedation, (Cost Involves – six Implants, With Fixed Hybrid Prostheses Denture)
Completed in ONE DAY*INRUS $AUDRSA RandMalay Ringgit
Nobel Biocare Implants₹ 3,60,000 $ 4,316 $ 6,854ZAR 81,355MYR 20,667
Fixed Hybrid Prostheses Denture₹ 60,000 $    720 $ 1,142ZAR 13,559MYR 3,445
Total Stage 1 **₹ 4,20,000 $ 5,036 $ 7,996ZAR 94,914MYR 24,112
STAGE 2     
Usually After 6 – 9 Months     
Ceramic Bridge₹ 1,40,000 $ 1,679 $ 2,665ZAR 31,638MYR 8,038
Ceramic Bridge With Titanium Bar₹ 1,80,000 $ 2,158 $ 3,427ZAR 40,677MYR 10,334
You Can Choose One Of The Above Options After Consulting With Our Doctor.
+ The Conversion Rate From Inr To Your Home Currency Is Based On The Present Currency Value. It’s Subject To Change (Higher/lower) Depending On The Forex Rates At The Time Of Payment*Terms and Conditions Apply

For Applicable Candidates Only

Price indicated for All On 6 is PER JAW only

** The above mentioned Estimate is inclusive of :
1. Initial consultation.
2. Specialist consultation.
3. Pre-operative investigations such as-
– Study models
– Clinical photographs
4. Anesthetic evaluation.
5. Prosthetic phase – Bridge fabrication phase – this may include face-bow transfer
6. Oral prophylaxis.

Full Mouth Dental Implants FAQs

To firmly hold your dentures in place, full mouth dental implants use 6 titanium implants on both the lower and upper jaw. The highest degrees of comfort and extra strength can be obtained using this technique.

In All-On-Six, each jaw may have between 12 and 14 teeth. The purpose of the procedure is to reestablish the natural function and appearance that tooth loss has taken away. Our highly skilled team of implant surgeons accordingly determines the ideal amount of teeth needed for it.

  • Hybrid prosthesis- It is one of the most traditional ways of fabricating full mouth dental implants prostheses. The titanium framework with an acrylic wrap-around has been successfully used for many years as a budget-friendly option. It is resilient, easily repaired, readily cleaned, and polished if stained.
  • Smart Composite Hybrid Prosthesis – It is a combination of milled CO/CR and Milled Monolithic Composite. It is metal bonded to a resilient hybrid composite. It is Strong, rigid, highly polishable, and can be repaired in the mouth. Less likely to chip as compared to acrylic options. Lightweight compared to Zirconia. Very durable but not when compared to full zirconia.
  • Monolithic Zirconia Screw Retained Full Arch Prosthesis – This is one of the most esthetic and durable restorations ( least likely to chip) for the edentulous patient seeking an implant-retained solution. They exhibit a flexural strength of up to 1200 MPa, which delivers a restoration that feels almost like your natural teeth. This is a great combination of strength and cosmetics but is definitely heavy.
  • PMMA/PEEK- These offer as an alternative to zirconia, their supreme advantage is higher aesthetics and light-weighted.
  • Porcelain fused to metal prosthesis – It is a good option for cases with minimal bone loss. It is composed of milled cobalt-chromium metal with a layer of ceramic above it. It is budget-friendly and has average aesthetics.
  • Local Anesthesia
  • Conscious Sedation/ Laughing Gas
  • IV Sedation
  • General Anesthesia- Daycare Procedure

Postoperative pain is taken care of by analgesic and antiinflammatory which are prescribed the dentist after surgery

A single jaw’s worth of dental implants can be placed in roughly a day, with a 2-hour typical procedure time. The same day or the following day can be used to set temporary teeth. However, after three months, when the implants have fully osseointegrated with the bone, permanent teeth are fixed.

The price / cost of full mouth dental implants in india range from INR 1,40,000 to INR 3,60,000. However, the typical cost of full mouth dental implants cost in India is far lower than it is in other nations.

Nobel Biocare/Straumann dental implants are considered as the gold standards in the field of dental implantology. We procure the best materials from highly reputed brands like:

  • CWM
  • ADIN

Different brands offer a different warranty, ranging from 10 years to 15years to even a lifetime. At Cosmodent India we provide all brands under one roof, from the most luxurious brands to economic dental ones. So, you have a broad spectrum of options to choose from.

The most skilled group of dental surgeons can be found at Cosmodent India, which is managed by one of the top implantologists in the nation, Dr. Prem Alex Lawrence. Our core group of doctors and knowledgeable assistants are committed to giving you the finest possible experience. In our dental office, Cosmodent India uses the most cutting-edge technologies, from CBCT digital imaging to CAD-CAM in-house prosthesis building. To effectively put implants, we use equipment and drills of the highest caliber. The entire cost of an All-on-6 dental treatment procedure at Cosmodent India is around 50 to 60% less than what you may pay in Europe, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Canada, or the United States. Cosmodent India offers top grade treatment methods at astonishingly affordable pricing. You can view some of our accomplishments.

Dental implants, either full mouth dental implants, are the best long-term options for those who have lost several teeth and want to restore their smile. You won’t need much time to get used to the adjustments or recuperation process, and you’ll soon forget that you have implants at all. However, a key component of successful implants is selecting the appropriate procedure. Each person has a unique face structure and bone density. There are several variations and permutations that your dentist will use to advise you on the most appropriate dental implant approach.

Properly maintained Dental implants that may be placed in just six visits can last a lifetime. However, the warranties for various implant systems vary. The lifetime warranties offered by STRAUMANN & NOBEL and other brands range from 10 to 15 years. At Cosmodent India, we offer our patients Original Barcoded dental implants together with a guarantee letter.

Just like your natural teeth, full mouth dental implants requires maintenance. Gum health is maintained by using a water-flosser or water pick frequently and brushing twice a day. It’s also suggested to visit a dentist office once a year for a checkup, x-ray, and cleaning.


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